Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition exemption program?

Q: What is the tuition exemption program?
A: The Out-of-State Tuition Exemption Program is not a monetary award. Those that are awarded will be exempt from paying out-of-state tuition rates. The tuition credit will be processed by the awardee's institution. Please note, the tuition waiver will only "waive" the out-of state portion of tuition, however the awardee will still be responsible for paying the in-state portion of tuition. In other words, the tuition waiver will allow the awardee to register for classes at the same tuition rate as a Florida resident student.

Procedures and Eligibility

Q: What kind of major is eligible for the Award?
A: You can study any subject as long as you are working toward a degree. The institute does not fund English as a Second Language (ESL) or English for Academic Purpose (EAP) classes.
Q: I have been selected to receive the EELI award, what do I do next?
A: When you register for classes, you will be required to submit a class schedule. The class schedule must include: the recipient's name, the name of the institution, the term, the course names and total number of credit hours.
Q: I am enrolled at a community college. Am I still eligible for the tuition waiver?
A: Yes, both public universities and community colleges are eligible for the tuition waiver.
Q: Will the award cover my entire degree?
A: Yes. However, the awardee is responsible for renewing the award each year they are eligible by the stated deadline. If the awardee does NOT renew the award by the stated deadline, the award will be rescinded and the awardee will be required to apply as a new applicant and undergo the review process again.
Q: I have changed degree programs (e.g., Bachelor's to Master's), will the award still apply?
A: No. The EELI award is only applicable to one program at a time. If you expect to graduate from your current program and are considering graduate school (or another program), you will need to apply as a NEW applicant and undergo the review process again. However, if you are changing your undergraduate major and your previous coursework taken while receiving the Linkage waiver award will be applicable to the new major, you may submit a letter from your academic advisor to this effect and maintain your award.
Q: I have completed/terminated my studies in Florida, what should I do now?
A: Before completing or terminating your studies in Florida, notify the Institute in writing of your plans to return to your home country.
Q: How many credit hours can be awarded per semester?
A: Exemptions will be granted for twelve (12) undergraduate hours or (9) graduate or graduate/post graduate hours; and the award may be less than requested.
Q: What should I do if I am taking less credit hours than the Florida-Eastern European Linkage Institute awarded me?
A: Please contact the EELI Program Coordinator via email ( or by phone (407-823-3647) to inform of any changes. In that case, credit hours can be redistributed to other students who need them.
Q: I was not selected for an award. Can I apply again?
A: Yes. We always encourage our new applicants to reconsider and strengthen their application for the next application period.
Q: How often is the award issued?
A: EELI awards are offered on a YEARLY basis. The application deadline is for the following academic YEAR (both fall and spring). It does not cover the upcoming summer. NOTE: If you are not beginning school until the next spring, you must still apply by the stated deadline.
Q: Can my parent/advisor/coach inquire about my application or EELI documents?
A: NO. EELI must comply with FERPA regulations. Your privacy is our utmost concern. Any requests or questions made by someone other than you will NOT be answered. To learn more about FERPA, please visit:
Q: I want to take an online class, will that be eligible?
A: No. EELI awards are only offered to you while you are physically here in the state of Florida. If your class schedule is only comprised of online courses, there is no way for EELI to verify your presence in the state of Florida. However, if you are registered for lecture courses on campus, AND you are required to take a course that is only offered online, an exception may be made, but you may be asked to provide a letter from an advisor to confirm the need for the online course.
Q: Can I be registered for part-time?
A: No, you must be a full-time student while receiving the EELI award. 24 credit hours/year is considered full-time for undergraduates and 18 credit hours/year is considered full-time for graduate students. You may only be a part-time student during your last semester, but you must submit a letter from an advisor confirming your intent to graduate and that your part-time status has been approved by your institution.
Q: Can I take additional credit hours beyond the waiver credit hours I have been awarded?
A: Yes, you may take additional credit hours. Note: the waiver award will not apply to these additional credit hours.

Award Maintenance

Q: What documents do I need to submit before the semester begins?
A: All EELI recipients are required to submit a copy of their class schedule, prior to the first day of classes, and resubmit it if any changes occur after drop/add period. Note: the class schedule must include the recipient's name, the institution name, course names and total credit hours.
Q: What documents do I need to submit when the semester is over?
A: All EELI recipients are required to submit a copy of their final semester grades. Semester grades must include the recipient's name, the name of the institution, each course grade and an overall GPA.
Q: Can I submit "unofficial" transcripts for renewal purposes?
A: No, only official transcripts will be accepted.
Q: What is an official transcript? How do I order one?
A: An official transcript is a university-officiated document, sealed in an envelope, reflecting the grades you have received since the start of your college career. The transcript becomes "unofficial" if it is opened or tampered with prior to being received by the Eastern Europe Linkage Institute. Transcripts can be requested from your current university's Office of the Registrar, either in person or on their website.
Q: My semester grades have fallen below the required 3.0 GPA, what happens now?
A: You are required to carry a minimum of a 3.0 GPA at all times. Should you fall below that requirement, you will be placed on probation with EELI and given one more semester to raise your GPA to the required 3.0. If you fail to do that, your award will be revoked.

Additional Credit hours

Q: May I request additional credit hours?
A: Yes. These requests can only be made twice per students accepted to the Linkage Institute.
*Note: The requested documents must be received by August 1 for the fall term or December 15 for the spring term. Those closest to graduation will be given first priority. To receive priority, you must submit an "Intent to Graduate" form or a letter from an advisor stating your intent to graduate. Depending on the number of requests, there may be a chance that you are NOT awarded any additional credit hours or the total number of credit hours that you request.

Application Deadlines and Requirements

Q: How will I know if my application materials have been accepted?
A: Once documents are reviewed, the EELI coordinator will email you a confirmation of receipt. Please ensure you have submitted a valid email address. However, your application is ultimately your responsibility, so if you have not heard from the coordinator and the deadline is approaching, it is suggested you follow up to make sure your application is complete BEFORE the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
Q: I am a new applicant but I have already attended university/college in the United States, do I still need to submit my high school transcripts?
A: No, you will only need to provide your latest official transcripts (send to EELI staff via regular mail) from the university/college. Please note: GPA must be calculated.
Q: Do my transcripts need to be evaluated?
A: If you have attended a university/college outside the United States (which does not follow the U.S. educational system), you will be required to submit evaluated transcripts. Please note: GPA must be calculated.
Q: I have all the documents I need for a new application, but I have NOT received an official letter of acceptance from the university or the I-20 form yet, will my application still be considered?
A: Yes. We understand that other institutions may have different deadlines. An official letter of acceptance and an I-20 form may be pending at the time of the EELI application; however, ALL other documents MUST be received by the stated deadline to be considered.
Q: How competitive is this program?
A: The EELI tuition exemption program can be very competitive. Unfortunately, there are times when applicants are NOT chosen for an award. There are a limited number of awards available and EELI must rank all new applicants and choose those that are proven to be most exceptional.
Q: What does the review committee consider when ranking a new application?
A: The largest portion of a new application review is derived from the GPA. The minimum GPA accepted is 3.0. However, a higher GPA will increase your chances of receiving an award. Your essay and your letter of recommendation will also be considered.